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Fun and Fitness

Parent-Tot and Preschool

JETTots: Walking - 3 years

JETTots is our Parent-Tot program and is the perfect beginning to your toddler's fitness experience. Moms, Dads or any of your child's caregivers participate in this romping, rolling, climbing, tumble fest of toddler activity! Watch your little tot learn balance and coordination, how to follow simple instructions and how to enjoy physical activity as only a toddler can!

*Please visit our Customer Portal for class schedules. 

Preschool Gymnastics: 2 1/2 - 5 years

Preschool is an exciting time and JETKids is an exciting place for preschoolers to be! Our Preschool Gymnastics Program provides a perfect combination of fun and fitness with preschool level tumbling, flexibility training, games and activities that simultaneously teach the basics of gymnastics in an environment so fun and exciting—they don’t even know they are learning!

JETKids is a full-service program. Many preschool programs are fun and interesting at age 3 and 4, but require you to move on to a new gym to keep your child challenged and progressing. At JETKids, we offer a lifetime of gymnastics for those who want to exercise, have fun, or compete! We are a family, and many of our top level gymnasts and coaches started out as JETKids!

Our coaches have been specially trained in preschool fitness with an emphasis on safety, technique, and teaching the basics using fun, fun, fun as the core of our curriculum! JETKids also introduces basic athletic discipline: learning to listen, follow instructions, develop the ability to perform a sequence of events, and encouraging an appreciation for our top priorities of fun and safety!

*Please visit our Customer Portal for class schedules. 

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