Meet the owners

Lizzy and Michael took ownership of JETKids Gymnastics in 2017. They have two daughters, Payton and Ashtyn, who will often be seen around the gym on a regular basis.

Lizzy, a JET Gymnastics "lifer", has been at JET since she was a preschooler! She competed with JET, under head coach JA, all the way through Level 10 Nationals. 

Michael followed Lizzy into the gymnastics industry, and now it is a shared passion!

Together, with their daughters, they run JETKids as a family business, and have earned JETKids an undeniably great reputation!

Meet Our Staff

Here to Help Our Students Grow

Management Staff

Lizzy Martinez

Gym Owner/JO Team Coach

Michael Martinez

Gym Owner

Bailey Kragenbrink

Gym Director/JO Team Coach

Program Directors

Xcel Director/Head Xcel Team Coach

Lisa campbell

J.a. Dominguez

JO Team Director/Head Coach

Brittni Vogel

Preschool/Recreational Director

Heather Trammell

PreTeam Director/Coach

Office staff

ria duffy

Jennifer almanza

Gina Erickson

Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

Customer Experience Representative

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